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Magic Meadow Baba (performing white clown)

An exploration of one of my deceased fathers many stories of exile and refugee life.  Told through the gaze of his daughter and her inability to translate. Filmed in upstate New York and green screened out of doors. (2017)

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globalization.bread (intro)

My mother and I explore what it means to “represent” the female body as survivors of war in the middle east. I made the video in response to the inherent and absurd reality of rape culture which governs globalization. Filmed in my mother’s home with our shared collection of automatons. [music appropriated from Bread Women] Director of Photography: Farideh Sakhaei, Costume Design: Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai, Costume Fabrication: Brett Gui Xin and Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai (2019)

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some contemporary voices of Emma Goldman Speak (video & performance lecture)

I invited Sahar Sepahdari to rethink Goldman’s essay “Anarchism: what it really stands for” from her perspective, and then make a video that would present it as a speech to the gallery audience. For Sahar, Goldman’s engagement with turn-of-the-century anarchist theories of freedom had to be conjugated with our contemporary moment of avatars, A.I., bodyless identities, and algorithmic production – i.e. the new governmentality. The result is a psychically abstracted appropriation of Goldman’s language inside a video speech that constantly unmakes itself.

 -written by collaborator Adam Kinner for Forman Art Gallery Community Art Lab (Quebec)

This work will be performed on the U.S./Canada border at the Haskel Free library and Opera House on September 15th 2019. I will embody a contemporary version of the historical orator Emma Goldman. Performing a rewritten version of one of her speeches in collaboration with Adam Kinner and a group of dadaist musicians. There will be a month long gallery show housing documentation of the show in the form of new works at Forman Art Gallery. (2019)

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