Memory of a Beee

In a masked performance I interpret a poem I have written through an engagement with green screened environments made of cut out paper. 2015

1min. 37 sec.

Cost of Living

In consideration of Oedipean possibilities, single mother and survivor of war in the Middle East, Pepper Johnson gives birth to her son Sammy (a Frankenstein Halloween toy) and moves through green-screened landscapes, which include rainbow colored women in bikinis shooting guns in the desert and roaming baby ostriches overlaid with fluffy clouds. Pepper guides us with nonsensical poetry until she meets up with her boyfriend Danny (played by the same performer). Danny is a menacing father figure who ultimately sells Sammy in a virtual infomercial for $9.99.

Magic Meadow Baba (Performing White Clown)
Pepper Family Fundraiser

This video was made for the Indie GoGo platform to support my final thesis project. Using the family of characters I created for the thesis, Pepper Johnson, her husband Danny, and their son Sammy-a wind up frankenstein toy, I introduce the viewer to the families bid to rebuild their home ( as an interactive video installation). The premise being that Sammy burned down the Johnson's original home because his father tried to sell him into consumer slavery. I play Pepper and Danny. 2015   5 min. 41 sec.


2015. 8 sec. Aunts for Camera at The New Museum

Love Poem.

An introduction to Pepper Johnson a character I worked with for the majority of the projects on this page. 2014. 2min. 32 sec.

Throw Up 2015

Example of video commercial. Made for Parsons 2015 Thesis Open Studio campaign.

34 sec.


playing with words, skipping stones on a drowning lake. thinking back.


2:21 min.


Marquale Ashley


3:54 min.

感官世界 (Sensory)

A one day collaboration made in Shanghai, by students from Tongji University,The Chinese Academy of Art, Parsons The New School and myself. Summer 2014.        

 1min. 27 sec.


Thinking about whiteness, and oil and heroin and heroines.



5:34 min.

Blu and Yellow Rice...

3D characters that live on the Internet telling stories...

Sylvia's Ballet

My first longterm video project. 2013

10min. 6 sec.